We are

Mosaic Residential

At Mosaic, we understand that real estate investment is an art, not a science.

Our Invitation
To You

MOSAIC RESIDENTIAL is an innovative and growing, full-service multifamily investment and property management company located in Houston, Texas. Through the collective talent and extreme discipline of our people, entrepreneurial management and leadership strength, we are able to achieve improved quality of life for our customers and profitable investments for our partners. We invite you to explore us today and discover the art of real estate investment.


Our logo, a rising sun depicted in the art form of a mosaic, highlights the concept that carefully selecting and artfully positioning the right components collectively forms a more brilliant, complete picture. Real estate investment as an art form, balancing integral components such as strategic acquisition of assets, unparalleled property management abilities, recruiting top talent, the intelligent application of technology and the unwavering commitment to excellence, is created at MOSAIC. Whether you are searching for an improved quality of life or superior investment results, it is all here within MOSAIC.

A canvas, a poem, a mosaic, created with you in mind…experience the art of living.

With a Direction

At MOSAIC RESIDENTIAL, we have a decided course and an intense focus with highly competent and qualified leadership executing the plan. Each of the founding partners, with an average of over 15 years of relevant real estate industry experience, brings to the team proven success in identifying, developing, acquiring, managing, and disposing of real estate investments. This process is actively managed by the partners of the firm to deliver exceptional returns to our investors while minimizing risk.


Commit to respect ourselves and all others while influencing positive change, creating new opportunities and having fun.

Lead Effectively by choosing to do the right thing.

Through the fusion of technology and the human experience Ignite Passion. Fuel such passion with innovative thinking and an appetite for success.

Embrace “Kaizen” – continuous, never ending improvement.

Act with Integrity, urgency and the need to exceed expectations.

Create an environment that connects people and unleashes a sense of community.

Achieve the Balance of excellence for the customer and profitability for our partners and investors.